Peyton Stone

You don't need sex, gore, offensive language or obvious killers. All you need are a few of these:

  • A pretty cool amateur sleuth who may or may not have a crush. 
  • An obvious murder (or three).
  • Some suspense to keep you turning the pages. 
  • An animal that isn't always a cat or dog (though we love 'em!).
  • A whodunnit mystery series that leaves you satisfied. 

Peyton Stone welcomes you!

 A lover of cozy mystery books ever since she was eight years old, Peyton has been captivated by the magic of storytelling and the thrill of crafting compelling mysteries.

Peyton invites readers into a world of suspense, intrigue, and unforgettable animal characters with each page she writes. Her stories are perfect for curling up on a rainy day or ignoring work with a steamy cup of coffee, or enjoying with a cup of tea before bed. 

Peyton Stone Fan

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Peyton Stone is a wonderfully respected writer of cozy mystery and murder and her cozy characters that she brings to life off the page.
This is so well written that you yourself will want to discover the truth behind these secrets and obvious lies.

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