AND THEN There Were Feathers – AUTOGRAPHED Paperback

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A dead body between the shelves…

Then there’s the gorgeous African Grey Parrot flying overhead. 

New to the AND THEN book series? This is Book 1 but they can be read in any order. 

Autographed Paperback Edition.

About this Series:


“Loved the talking African Grey parrot that seemed to be as intelligent as the humans in the book.”

“A library, a sassy bird and murders…”

A collection of bodies? What happened to collecting good ‘ole fashion books?

Having inherited her grandmother’s library, Luci anticipated receiving a collection of literary treasures, not a bunch of dead bodies. 

Instead of what she thought was a great escape from corporate life, she’s now thrust into her own Agatha Christie novel.

With the help of her pet parrot Simon, she starts turning the pages to solve the case.

But, the bodies continue to pile up while an arrogant lawyer at her back urges her to sell the library and put the books away for good.

Will Luci manage to keep the library and solve the cases before she becomes the next victim?

AND THEN: There Were Feathers is the first book in the small town cozy mystery series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the book murders. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the characters with every body that drops.


“I am an Agatha Christie fan, and I must say that his book was a joy to read.”

“If you like Agatha Christi, cozy mysteries that take place in libraries, and not easy to solve mysteries, you will enjoy this book.”

“Wonderful, Complicated, Mystery and a Delightful Bird.”

“I didn’t expect the twist at the end!”

“This book had me hooked from page one!”

“Awesome quirky, cosy mystery with all the right ingredients to ruffle anyone’s feathers.”

This product is an AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK physical copy, by Peyton Stone. Never stamped. 


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Enjoy a sample from the small town cozy, AND THEN There Were Feathers, Book 1 – Autographed Paperback Edition.

        Luci took another deep swig of coffee. Caffeine really did make everything better.

        She began to move across the entryway to begin her morning chores: check the overnight deposit box and check in those books; load up the cart and return all the books Alva hadn’t gotten to last night to their proper location; check the pipes in the basement to make sure they were still okay; and check for and fix any unforeseen problems that might have happened during the night.

         ‘Luci come come Luci’

         She blinked. She had almost forgotten about Simon. Now that she was awake, she realized his behavior this morning had been a bit strange. Normally when she let him out, he would do an entire circle of both floors of the library. He knew enough not to come and say hi until she had a cup of coffee in her hand. But this morning he hadn’t cared at all. The only other time she had seen him behave like that was the day after her grandmother had died. Despite being a parrot, he had known something was off when it was Luci, not Annabelle, who had come to take care of him that morning.

         An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of her stomach, making it squirm uncomfortably.

         “Simon?” she asked. “What’s up?”

         ‘Bad thing, come come’

         Bad thing? The squirming in her stomach intensified and something began crawling up her back. What did that mean?

         His voice was faint, as though it were coming from the upper floor. Slowly, hesitantly, Luci walked up the steps, one hand running up the railing. When she reached the top landing, she paused and scanned the area for signs of Simon. It took her a moment, but then she saw it—a flash of grey with red tail feathers swooping intently over a single row in the mystery section.

         She walked over hurriedly, wondering if she was going to find a broken window, or that someone had thrown all the books on the ground, or maybe someone had gotten sick yesterday after she left and Alva hadn’t bothered cleaning it up.

         But when she rounded the corner and finally got a look between the shelves, she saw it was none of those things.

         It was much, much worse.

         The woman was staring up at the ceiling with sightless eyes, her body splayed. Her face was caked in make-up in a way that seemed almost intentional, instead of an amateur hand putting on too much. Her platinum-blond hair was in disarray as it fanned out all over the floor. The dress she was wearing was old-fashioned, covered in silver spangles, reminiscent of a flapper girl’s. Purple bruises circled the woman’s neck like a choker.  

         ‘Bad bad, Luci look’

Simon had fluttered down to perch on her shoulder, speaking directly in her ear. She barely felt or heard him, too absorbed in the image in front of her. She was frozen, rooted to the spot in shock, her mind unable to process what was in front of her.

         Finally, a single thought seemed to get through: That is a dead body. It was enough to shatter her paralysis.

Her cup fell to the ground, shattering and sending coffee everywhere as she screamed.


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