August 1, 2023

My World, My Murder, Your Entertainment

by Peyton Stone Author in Just Talk0 Comments

Let’s talk.

I was more into suspense, but there had to be an element of surprise, intrigue, and downright laughs! I’m not a serious person, but when I am, it’s almost always about food.

I write/publish cozy mysteries – but unlike Fido and Fefe – I’m going to bring you parrots, monkeys, ferrets, and… wait for it…even dolphins! Yaasss, my prize series that is releasing in early 2024 will have a newfound character on the scene of cozies and you don’t want to miss this.

So, grab your kitties and your pups – because they’re about to be entertained by animals! Let’s hear from you…what exotic or non-exotic animal would you like to see take part in a murder mystery as a sidekick to the amateur sleuth?

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