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Aye, a mystery on the North Shore of this quintessential, yet posh town - surely someone getting carked wasn't the fault of the rich man.  

Raglan, New Zealand - a picturesque coastal surf town just west of Hamilton on the North Island.

“First off, this book has convinced me: I need a Kune Kune Pig!”

“I felt like I was becoming friends with the characters and wanted to do my part to help solve the mystery. This book really transported me."

About this series

Posses pigs, mouth-watering dishes, and all the drama of rich people murdering each other. 

In this mouthwatering 5 book cozy mystery series, follow chef Dani Sites as she solves murder mysteries plaguing the affluent town of Raglan, New Zealand and fights to clear her name when she becomes a suspect. When a murder interrupts Dani's most important catering gig yet - an exclusive event for billionaire recluse Bennett Bowing - Dani realizes she has a knack for cooking up clues along with her signature dishes.

With help from her quirky friends and co-workers, she dives into investigating each puzzling case, suspecting moneyed motives behind every untimely death among Raglan’s upper crust. 

But she has to take care not to get distracted by her attraction to Bennett's son, her beloved pet pig Potts, and coveted rare ingredients like exclusive black diamond truffles. From book to book the mysteries and recipes get more delectable, but the murderers more cunning.

Can Dani peel back each layer of lies and deception to reveal the cold-blooded killers? She’ll have to stay sharp amidst the twists, turns, and occasional tator tot, to crack these confounding criminal conundrums. 

With its cast of colorful locals, array of mouthwatering recipes, and non-stop suspense, this lip-smacking series blends cozy fun with an edge-of-your seat thrill ride.


"Plus, piggy pet! Pots, the truffle hunting runt was always entertaining."

"This is a fun and cozy mystery that will make you hungry for more."

"Murder, lots of suspects, nutty police, lots of friends to help led to a good cozy mystery."

"As this is the first in a series there was much character development that helped keep you interested, and a first rate plot strewn with red herrings and legitimate clues woven into the story and flawed rather than perfect characters I look forward to a second story from North New Zealand."

"The slang was well explained or framed in a way that was understandable. Nice cozy read!"

"Ms Stone makes me drool with her descriptions of the food Dani creates."

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From cheese-infused truffles to savory, lick-your-fingers truffle dishes, this bonus recipe booklet adds a tempting twist, allowing you to bring the delectable delights from Dani's world into your own kitchen. With this free gift there’s even more to love about this story. So brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure, and experience the thrilling mysteries and mouthwatering recipes for yourself!

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testimony - Truffles

Enjoy a sample from NOW SERVING: Truffles & Poison, Book 1

“We’re here, Dani,” Brooks called out.

Dani heaved a sigh of relief as Brooks and Franz were suddenly at her side—she wasn’t sure anyone had heard her—working together to elevate Chelsea’s head with towels and check her vitals… Dani looked away from Chelsea’s unmoving body, away from her shiny lips, focusing on Franz and Brooks. Both were highly trained surfers who had worked as lifeguards and Dani knew they kept their CPR certifications current and were working towards higher credentials.

Her relief turned to dread when she saw the looks on their faces. Both men shook their heads. She stood up and stepped back to give them space to work. Franz began administering hands-only CPR but Chelsea looked more and more lifeless as the seconds ticked past.

“I can’t pronounce death because I don’t officially have my EMT diploma yet,” Franz signed to Dani. “I can tell you that this woman is not with us.”

“No, that can’t be,” Dani mumbled, her hand covering her mouth as she stood up. “She was..she was alive just a moment ago. I think she was choking, or—I tried to go to her.”

“Hey, whoa, Dani,” Brooks responded, looking up toward her. “I’m sorry you had to see something like that.” He shook his head, his face grim. “I’ll call it in to 111.” Brooks rose from his crouch and motioned to the few guests who had pushed their way into The Gardens to follow him back out to the event center. “Guys, please follow me,” he told them, holding his phone and talking into it. He looked over at Franz.

“I better stay here with her until the EMTs come, just to make sure,” Franz signed, standing up.

“Good plan. Thank you, bro,” Brooks said and signed, turning back to clap Franz on the back before walking away.

Franz nodded, but he still looked crushed. Dani reached over and squeezed his hand, aware that her own pulse was racing. “You tried to save her, but I think she was already gone,” she signed.

“I don’t know,” he signed back, clearly not convinced.

“It will be okay,” she signed to him, following Brooks out of the garden. She was sure she had just lied to him. Everything was all but okay.