Antiques To Die For

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Why would that cat say that?!

Either she’s hearing voices in her head or the cat’s voice is in her head. Either way, she’s pretty sure she’s not the killer.  

New to the Island Cozy Mystery book series? This is Book 1 but they can be read in any order. 

About this Series

Welcome to the sun-soaked paradise of Jaramillo Island and meet antique shop owner Lola, whose dream lifestyle gets disrupted when a disturbing string of poetic murders rocks the small coastal community she calls home.

“The cover just begs the reader to curl up next to the fireplace snuggling with your cat and read a good book.”

“I loved the mystery, the variety of characters and most of the cat’s commentary and snarky sarcasm!!!.”

Death lingers around Marco… And he smells bad, like a wet dog.

Cats, haikus and cadavers—amateur sleuth Lola didn’t expect that her new inheritance would come with such killer poetry.

Lola thought she’d find the island’s small-town peace when she returned to inherit the coveted antique shop. But between a snarky telepathic cat compelled to pen poems about the deserving dead and a trail of chilling haikus left on murder victims, peace and quiet may be too much to ask…

When the handsome out-of-town detective arrives to lead the investigation, Lola vows to solve the case and clear her name before she’s the next to end up in the killer’s rhyming couplet. 

With gossip spreading faster than facts between her friends and the locals, Lola will have to learn the truth behind the poetic murders quickly, before she’s the next to fall victim and become the talk of the town’s wagging tongues.

For an empath whose cat has a direct line to her own mind, it’s all in a day’s work, though Lola could do without the impromptu eulogies. 

Karma may love a good haiku, but Lola is more of a free verse kind of girl…

If Lola can’t discover the truth behind the haiku homicides, she may find herself on the wrong side of karma—with her curiosity killing the cat.

Antiques To Die For is the first book, on the iconic and historic island of Jaramillo, mystery series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the unfortunate murders taking place on this touristy haven. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the mystery while sunbathing or sipping on a much needed warm potion.


“Very good book, lots of action!”

“Every chapter keeps you guessing as each chapter is a possible suspect.”

“I would definitely recommend this book!”

“The readers are in for a treat that is filled with clues and hints that leads the reader into an epic mystery.”

“Very well written story that had me guessing all over the place.”

“Antiques to Die For has some sweet romance, distrust, an animal companion, and of course, a murder or three.”

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Enjoy a sample from Antiques To Die For: An Island Cozy Mystery, Book 1 

   Sophia took a sip of coffee again and told them her story. “A few days ago, Marco came to my agency to question me about the first murder. He said it was routine, that he wanted to know if I had seen anything suspicious or if I knew the taxi driver, Daniel. I told him no, that I had only seen him once when he took me to the airport a few months ago. But Marco didn’t seem to believe me. He asked me many questions about my past, even about my ex-husband,” Sophia seemed rather bitter about the last part.

Jax tensed up at the reminder of the rumor he had heard at the salon about Sophia and her ex-husband.

“What happened with your ex-husband?” Lola asked delicately.

Sophia sighed and started petting the cat who was now curled up in her lap, blinking slowly, purring his contentment. “My ex-husband was a monster. He abused me physically for years,” she said, her voice low and trembling. “He made my life impossible. Nobody helped me, nobody listened to me. But yet, everyone knew what I was going through, they just refused to help,” Sophia stated with contempt, a hint of anger in her voice. Michi hardly noticed his owner’s demeanor change.

Lola felt compassion for her, but Jax boldly asked, “And what happened to your ex-husband?”

Sophia didn’t even flinch and said in a flat voice, “I killed him,” Sophia confessed without remorse, “with arsenic.”

The twins stared at her in shock.

“No one investigated the case. No one cared. He was an old, surly man and they all assumed it was a natural death,” Sophia held their gaze for another moment then looked down at her coffee, taking a huge gulp. “Don’t worry, I haven’t killed anyone else. I’m not this haiku killer. Heck, I think it’s Marco wanting to make sure that when he reveals what really happened to my ex-husband, then no one will suspect him. Which then turns all eyes on me.” 

Lola and Jax shared a troubled look. 

Sophia continued, her hands shaking, holding the coffee cup, “Some big hotshot detective coming to our island would gain so much publicity as a detective for solving this case. A case that he practically invented by tying the murders together. He’s the only one who benefits from all of this!” She cried, meeting their green eyes once again before continuing, “Marco asked me to have coffee, alone, next Friday. I think he plans to finish putting the pieces together and then will arrest me.”

“What about the haikus?” Lola asked, her voice barely audible.

“Oh, that’s the best part,” she chuckled.  “I have been passionate about Eastern literature since my trip to Japan in 1985. In my library, you will find many books on the subject, and I have been writing haikus for many years, as a hobby. I’m the perfect suspect, once the secret of my ex-husband is revealed.”

An uncomfortable silence blanketed the room sending chills down Lola’s spine. Sophia continued, as if she was speaking both her confessions and prideful defense into her coffee cup, “But it’s impossible for me to be the killer…I wouldn’t have been so careless to begin with. The murder I committed proves that. Those haikus…are very poorly written, “she scoffed, “they’re…juvenile…to say the least.” 

Lola was perplexed, Jax seemed taken aback. Sofia held their gaze, shifting from one pair of emerald eyes to the next. The kindness of the person who had first shown Lola around the town with Marco had suddenly disappeared; in its place was this cold, broken woman, her eyes darkened and unwavering.


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