Lovers To Die For

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“What an absolutely intriguing mystery!! I quickly fell down the rabbit hole and became immersed in this mystery. The ending was fantastic.”

New to the Island Cozy Mystery book series? This is Book 3, but it can be read in any order. 

About this Series

Welcome to the sun-soaked paradise of Jaramillo Island – get ready to lose yourself in a gripping novel as Lola discovers the twisted truth around the murders. Her past is catching up to her and its on the verge of destroying everything she worked so hard for. 

The cat isn’t happy about it either.

A serial killer’s obsession. A woman’s dark secrets.

In the shadows of a peaceful island, a serial killer leaves behind a trail of bodies that strike a close resemblance to the local antique shop owner.

Left on each victim’s body is a knife-pierced note, the initials L.H., and haunting song lyrics that point to a connection only one person can decipher.

Guided by her intuitive telepathic cat and supported by her fiancé, Lola Hutchinson must delve into the darkest corners of her own past to uncover the truth behind the killer’s twisted obsession.

Confronting long-buried secrets and deciphering the psychopath’s clues wasn’t on her wedding planning list.

In this gripping cozy mystery, one woman’s determination to stop a ruthless killer will push her to the brink, testing the strength of her resolve and the power of the bond she shares with her extraordinary cat.

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Lovers To Die For is the third book, on the iconic and historic island of Jaramillo, mystery series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the unfortunate murders taking place on this touristy haven. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the mystery while sunbathing or sipping on a much needed warm potion.


“A good, well written mystery and I didn’t guess the murderer as there were lots of suspects and red herrings.

“Every chapter keeps you guessing as each chapter is a possible suspect.”

“This was a page turner with several murders that was more of a paranormal light thriller than typical cozy.”

“The murderer could be anyone.”

“It’s a really enjoyable book. But I can’t tell you why. It’s your job to unravel the mystery.”

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1 review for Lovers To Die For

  1. Trina Jones

    MUST READ ! OMG this was a great book. It was a page turner and the suspense was overwhelming of secrets. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down. Will this mystery be solved on this island or who is next to be killed on this mystery island. Marco and Lola and the cat Jade have to solve this mystery before it is too late. Marco could Lola were physical and the chemistry attraction was captivating and romance as they becoming more then just friends. Will they put their love in chaos and drama. She had a lookalike that was killed but it should had been her instead. She was so scared but the killer was after her now. I highly recommend this book and you won’t be disappointed. I received advance copy of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest review. Trina Jones

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