Mischief, Murder & Monkey Mayhem – Book 2

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The Bed & Breakfast series. Fans love the monkey!

🐒 A kleptomaniac monkey… 😳 say that again? 

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About this Series:


“Funny Monkey issues mystery!”

“Peyton Stone is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite cozy authors.”

“This book definitely captivates your imagination.”

Why does it take a naughty monkey to solve a murder?

A dead woman checked in at the bed and breakfast… it didn’t sit well with the other guests.

When the wealthy and notorious Lorraine Baker shows up for a room at Avery’s charming Mountain Acres Bed and Breakfast, it seems like an ordinary reservation. But by morning, Lorraine is dead, and though it appears she died in her sleep – the monkey thinks otherwise.

As the mystery piles up faster than the fluffy pancakes at breakfast, Avery, along with her sticky-fingered, kleptomaniac Capuchin monkey, Ali, digs into the details of Lorraine’s life.

Fake IDs, pending divorce papers, and a stockpile of pilfered pills led Avery to believe Lorraine wasn’t who she claimed to be.

With the unbeknownst help of her detective friend, Chris, Avery sets out to unravel the threads and reveal the true identity of the guest who checked in but never checked out.

The characters are relatable, the monkey can’t keep his hands to himself, and the plot…is a page-turning, unputdownable twisty conundrum of whodunnit. 

Mischief, Murder & Monkey Mayhem is the second book in the Bed and Breakfast series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the case. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the characters with every murder that unfolds.


“Plot twists and a very naughty monkey made this charming cozy fun to read.”

“I just couldn’t stop reading.”

 “I think that this cozy should be on everyones TBR {at} least… it is that fantastic.”

“Ali, the capuchin monkey, make for fun reading.”

“Had me hooked right up to the end, very suspenseful, I never guessed the ending.”

“Alls well that ends well with a heart stopping conclusion.”


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peyton stone review




Now Diane was practically salivating. “I wouldn’t put it past her,” she whispered, leaning across the table. “And if all the other rumors I’ve heard about her leaving her husband had any merit whatsoever, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been trying to get a bit of extra money. Lorraine always loved that lavish lifestyle, and she was never particularly good at keeping up with finances. I think that’s why she started stealing in the first place.”

The inability to keep up with finances would also track with her constantly murdering her husbands for money, but Avery kept that thought to herself.

“What makes you think she was stealing?”

“Well I was over at her manor, taking advantage of that indoor pool of hers,” Diane began. 

They have an indoor pool, too? Avery couldn’t help but get distracted by the revelation, and also couldn’t avoid the slight jealousy.

“Anyway, I changed in one of the guest rooms beforehand and I had been wearing the most delightful Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. Naturally, I wasn’t going to wear them while in a clashing bathing suit so I took them off.

“At one point, Lorraine got up to use the bathroom. Or at least, that’s what she said she was doing. If you ask me, she was more likely going into my room to steal my jewelry. Not two hours before she ‘went to the bathroom–’” Diane put this in air quotes. “–she was complimenting me on it and saying how envious of it she was. Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was missing until the next day. I had to run quickly and didn’t even think about the jewelry until the next morning. When I asked Lorraine about it, she had the nerve to say she hadn’t seen it at all.” 

“And you don’t think it might have been the staff or someone else?” Avery questioned. 

Diane snorted, rolling her eyes. 

“The doors lock and I would never let someone come into a room with my personal belongings. The only people with keys would either be the family or the help of theirs.” 

Avery nodded, chewing her lip. If what Annabeth had said about the jewelry was true, and if Lorriane really had stolen from Diane, was it possible that she was sitting across from the murderer? Assuming, of course, it was a murder at all. Something about all of this didn’t add up.

“You wouldn’t happen to know the name Cheryl Vanson or Isabelle Fried, would you?” Avery asked.

Diane’s blank expression told her everything she needed to know. 

“Who?” she asked, blinking twice. “Is that one of the staff?”

“Never mind,” Avery waved off.

Diane glanced at her phone, tapping on the screen.

“I’m sorry, dear,” she remarked. “Something very important has just come up. I have to get going.”

Avery could see her phone. The woman was checking the weather.

“Of course,” Avery smiled as Diane stood. “Thank you for your info.”

“Let me know if the police find my pearls,” she pointed out, then sauntered off without a backward glance. 

Avery watched her go, frowning as her eyes followed the woman walk outside. Was it possible that Lorraine’s death had nothing to do with her past and everything to do with a jealous friend? It was clear to Avery that Diane wasn’t just angry about the missing jewelry. It seemed as though the woman yearned to take Lorraine down a peg on an almost petty level, to show the world that she was nothing more than a common thief and gold digger. There was clearly more to their friendship than Diane had let on and anyone who complained that much about latte art was definitely a petty person.

The question was, was she vindictive or petty enough to resort to murder?


3 reviews for Mischief, Murder & Monkey Mayhem – Book 2

  1. Phthon

    How do you help a Capuchin monkey with his sugar addiction? I don’t know but I think Avery is going to have to figure that out! LOL! This was fun to read and I enjoyed watching the police Kermit-flail while Avery is figuring everything out. I enjoyed this mystery!

  2. Trina Jones

    Amazing book. It was addicted. I was a cozy and crazy but fun page turner and the suspense was a mystery of drama. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t even imagine put it down. I was laughing throughout this story. These monkey stay in so much trouble they was all over the place. But will this monkey this person to the solve a case. There were many twists and turns with this murder mystery? Will this murder be solved? I highly recommend this book. I received ARC of this book via Bookfunnel and am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion. Trina Jones

  3. Juanita Arp

    This book has wonderful characters, with a well written storyline. It’s entertaining with humour, action and will keep you guessing until the end. I received this book as a Free ARC copy to read and I voluntarily leave this review.

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