Now Serving: Truffles & Poison – A New Zealand North Island Cozy Mystery

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A taste of murder with a New Zealand Twist!

A loyal fan of a pig?? They are contagiously cute. 

New to the New Zealand, North Shore cozy series? This is Book 1 but they can be read in any order. 

About this Series


“Peyton Stone creates some of the best human/animal sleuthing teams!”

“This book has convinced me: I need a Kune Kune Pig!”

Why does the sheriff insist Dani’s black diamond killed her?

When a billionaire recluse emerges…maybe the cliché is true- money does cover up a murder. 

Why did Chelsea have to die on the most important night of Dani Sites’ culinary career?

Working for the most affluent family in Raglan, New Zealand, Dani was about to make a name for herself in the community as the most prestigious chef on the North Shore.

On the night of the highly anticipated Spring Equinox Soirée, fate would have it that the moment billionaire Bennett Bowing emerged from the shadows, breaking his silence since his late wife’s passing almost a decade ago, Chelsea, who may have become his next wife, is murdered.

Dani not only needs to save her reputation as a top chef and clear her name, but she also needs to keep her eyes off of the billionaire’s son, who just happens to adore her runt Kunekune pig, Potts, so she can solve Chelsea’s untimely death that is keeping her out of the kitchen.

With a strong cuppa flat made by her best friend, Oaklee, too many tator tots to count, and her fellow co-workers, Sue, who thinks all rich people are incorrigible members of society, and the house-keeping twins who want to nab some local millionaires, Dani learns that she’s got a knack for dishing out clues.

The only thing stopping her is the tantalizing allure of the coveted truffles that Inspector Kooe confiscated, claiming they poisoned poor Chelsea.

Dani will do anything to get the black diamond back for the ultimate trufflized gourmet dish as she listens to her favorite crime podcast: Criminal Conundrums, Deadly Deeds, & Killer Khronicles.


A mystery with a taste of murder and the array of vibrant, colorful, quirky and sullen characters will draw you in and then have you running in circles trying to make it through the intrigue of lies, secrets, betrayal and murder.

NOW SERVING: Truffles & Poison is the first book in the New Zealand North Island series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the case. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the characters with every murder that unfolds.


“This mystery wouldn’t let me go until I’d read from beginning to end in one sitting.”

“An absorbing mystery and a robust cast of characters kept me alert and reading.”

“This is a fun and cozy mystery that will make you hungry for more.”

“This is a whodunnit that delivers a fantastic ending.”

“I felt like I was becoming friends with the characters and wanted to do my part to help solve the mystery. This book really transported me.”

“Her pet pig is very cute and makes an original sidekick.”

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testimony - Truffles


Enjoy a sample from the New Zealand North Shore Cozy Mystery, NOW SERVING: Truffles & Poison, Book 1 

“We’re here, Dani,” Brooks called out. 


Dani heaved a sigh of relief as Brooks and Franz were suddenly at her side—she wasn’t sure anyone had heard her—working together to elevate Chelsea’s head with towels and check her vitals… Dani looked away from Chelsea’s unmoving body, away from her shiny lips, focusing on Franz and Brooks. Both were highly trained surfers who had worked as lifeguards and Dani knew they kept their CPR certifications current and were working towards higher credentials.


Her relief turned to dread when she saw the looks on their faces. Both men shook their heads. She stood up and stepped back to give them space to work. Franz began administering hands-only CPR but Chelsea looked more and more lifeless as the seconds ticked past.


“I can’t pronounce death because I don’t officially have my EMT diploma yet,” Franz signed to Dani. “I can tell you that this woman is not with us.”


“No, that can’t be,” Dani mumbled, her hand covering her mouth as she stood up. “She was..she was alive just a moment ago. I think she was choking, or—I tried to go to her.”


“Hey, whoa, Dani,” Brooks responded, looking up toward her. “I’m sorry you had to see something like that.” He shook his head, his face grim. “I’ll call it in to 111.” Brooks rose from his crouch and motioned to the few guests who had pushed their way into The Gardens to follow him back out to the event center. “Guys, please follow me,” he told them, holding his phone and talking into it. He looked over at Franz.


“I better stay here with her until the EMTs come, just to make sure,” Franz signed, standing up.


“Good plan. Thank you, bro,” Brooks said and signed, turning back to clap Franz on the back before walking away.


Franz nodded, but he still looked crushed. Dani reached over and squeezed his hand, aware that her own pulse was racing. “You tried to save her, but I think she was already gone,” she signed.


“I don’t know,” he signed back, clearly not convinced.


“It will be okay,” she signed to him, following Brooks out of the garden. She was sure she had just lied to him. Everything was all but okay.

1 review for Now Serving: Truffles & Poison – A New Zealand North Island Cozy Mystery

  1. Veronica McIntyre

    I quite enjoyed this story! There was a whole lot of intrigue and red herrings. I will say that Inspector Kooe came off as a bumbling oaf, frantically grasping at straws and accusing everyone before there was actual concrete evidence. I am happy that Dani figured it all out and that life was going to get better for the Bowings. Fun book to read.

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