Sipping Wine & Fishing For Bodies

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A red wine would pair nicely with a body…

The Angora ferret thinks so. 

New to the Abigail Stone Cozy Mystery book series? This is Book 1 but they can be read in any order. 

About this Series

Deliciously killer. Homicidal Hazelnut and One Villainous Vanilla scoop of ice cream, coming up. *BONUS with every order – FREE Abigail Stone’s Ice Cream Killer Kreations Recipe Book. Murderously Delicious.

“This is a good read that just keeps you turning the pages.”

“Can never go wrong when there’s a fur baby involved and a ferret was a new one for me.”

What’s in the ferret’s mouth? Did that just come from the dead body? Ew.

In her favorite secluded fishing hole, Abigail is taken aback (and almost too excited) to find a mysterious stranger dead in the water. 

With her pet ferret Flick as company, Abigail Stone runs Sweet Street, a cozy ice cream shop in the small quaint town of Shelter Mountain, Alaska – along with a couple of disgruntled employees who want nothing to do with actual “work”.

As an avid mystery reader, Abigail thinks she could practically solve any crime in her sleep.

Upon discovering a dead body in her favorite fishing spot, she joins Tucker, a handsome childhood friend and officer, to unravel the mystery surrounding the floater’s death.

With long-forgotten secrets amiss and love interests afloat that could murder, it’s no wonder someone wanted the mysterious visitor dead…but did he deserve it?

If Abigail can whip up a killer Homicidal Hazelnut ice cream dish to share with her Scoops & Sips Tasting Club and her gossipy best friends, then she can certainly gather the necessary ingredients…err clues, to find out whodunnit.

But before she can solve the crime, Abigail must survive the rat race of suspects all desperately trying to keep their own secrets frozen in time.

This Alaskan Cozy Mystery will take you through twists, turns, and a few bottles of wine as they attempt to unravel this sinister mystery.

Sipping Wine & Fishing For Bodies is the first book, in the quaint town of Shelter Mountain, mystery series.  Each book is a captivating standalone mystery where you can indulge in solving the chilling book murders. Dive deep into the intriguing plots while gradually unraveling the complexities of the mystery, hook, line, and sinker.


“It’s a locked room murder within an entire town!”

“{Peyton Stone} She has once again proven her worth with this well written cozey mystery with a scoop of murder on the side.”

“I loved the ferret!”

“The really star of the story was Flick, let’s be real here.”

“This was a fast and enjoyable read.”

“As soon as I saw pet ferret, I knew I had to read this book! We have been a happy ferret family for years and they are perfect mystery side-kicks. Then I opened the book, realized it takes place in a quirky small town in Alaska and I was, pardon the pun, hooked!”

*Bonus: FREE Abigail Stone’s Ice Cream Killer Kreations Recipe Book with every purchase. Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure that combines spine-tingling mysteries with mouthwatering recipes! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Abigail Stone and tantalize your taste buds with a FREE recipe booklet that accompanies this thrilling tale. From tantalizing twists to delectable delights, this irresistible combo will leave you hungry for more. Get ready to experience the perfect blend of suspense and flavor!

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Enjoy a sample from the Abigail Stone Cozy Mystery Series, Sipping Wine & Fishing For Bodies, Book 1 

 Releasing a quick breath, Abigail stepped away from the building door and walked toward the short, stocky woman who looked like a walking fluff of cotton candy, with her graying hair and her pink puffer vest zipped up to her throat. 

“Hello, Ms. Phillips,” Abigail said cheerily as she approached the woman. Flick chose then to climb out of the pouch and scale her shoulder to dook at the newfound visitor.

“Oh, there’s our little friend,” Ms. Phillips gushed. “How’s that little fuzzy-wuzzy today?”

Flick, seeing an opportunity to get more snuggles, leapt onto her shoulder and tickled her cheeks with his hummingbird-like whiskers as he continued to dook at her. “Whoa, boy, don’t smother the poor woman,” Abigail laughed, reaching for the little rascal. 

“It’s no bother at all,” Ms. Phillips replied, pursing her lips to return his affection, waving off Abigail’s attempt to retrieve the affectionate ferret.

Thankful for the timely and welcomed distraction, Abigail asked, “How’s it going? Are you ready for Scoops and Sips tonight?”

The woman’s blue-eyed gaze moved beyond Abigail to Tucker, who still beat on the door of the clinic, as she subconsciously continued to air-kiss a non-existent Flick who was instead nudging his head under her jacket, his body draped across her shoulders. “Is everything all right?” she asked. “I was on my way to the library when I saw you two fly by and pull behind the back of the clinic. I was worried you might be hurt.” 

“No, yeah. Everything’s fine.” Abigail waved a hand dismissively and then attempted to deter the woman by pointing to the enormous quilted bag she held at her side, since apparently Flick’s nudging affection wasn’t enough. Abigail knew Ms. Phillips had made the quilted tote bag herself specifically for carrying all of her quilting supplies because the woman had shared every leg of her progress with the Scoops and Sips group while making it. Ms. Phillips would quilt at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime. Abigail also knew it was a topic Ms. Phillips couldn’t resist, so she dangled what she thought was the perfect carrot in front of Ms. Phillips to distract her from what Tucker was doing. 

“Is that a new fabric?” Abigail feigned interest and touched the corner of a swath of midnight blue cotton cloth spilling over the side of the tote bag.

Unfortunately, Ms. Phillips ignored the attempt at conversation, crooked her head around Abigail’s shoulder and looked at Tucker. Then she shifted her gaze to the UTV. Her eyes widened, and her mouth formed an O. “My goodness,” she gasped, raising a hand to point beyond Abigail. “Is that a body in the back of Tucker’s buggy?” She squinted, pulling up her glasses that were around her neck and locked her gaze on the target. “Yes, yes. It is,” she exclaimed. She dropped her glasses, but her hand hung in the air. “That’s a body sticking out of Tucker’s buggy.”


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